Monday, March 18, 2013

Avon Zenergy Collection: Review and Swatches

The Zenergy collection is Avon's new color collection for spring. It consists of a True Color eyeshadow quad, 3 Nailwear Pro+ nail enamels, 3 Shine Attract lipsticks, and the new Ideal Luminous highlighter. I picked up the eyeshadow, a nail polish, a lipstick, and the highlighter and was pretty happy with them overall.

First up is the True Color eyeshadow quad in Awakening. The colors(top left to bottom right) are a really nicely pigmented matte greenish-yellow, a light beige that has a matte base but is filled with champagne-silver colored micro glitter, a medium/dark ashy brown that has a matte base with champagne-silver colored micro glitter, and a matte aqua shade. I am a big fan of the yellow and aqua shades. I would get the quad just for those 2 colors. The texture of both colors is nice and smooth and blends well, and both have good pigmentation. The ashy brown shade has good pigmentation, but I'm not a fan of the glitter in it. You will get a little fall out from the glitter. Same with the light beige shade, although I'm not really impressed with the pigmentation of this shade. I wish they would have made both of those shades either matte or with a shimmer/perle finish. I'm not a fan of the matte with glitter dispersed in it formula, and would definitely recommend using an eyeshadow primer under them to minimize the glitter fall out.

Next, I have the Shine Attract lipstick in Enliven. This is a really pretty, glossy, nude peachy-pink color. It adds just a hint of color to the lips and is a really nice lip color for day to day wear.

This is the Ideal Luminous highlighter in Revitalized. It's a really pretty peachy-pink color with peachy-golden shimmer to it. In the swatch to the right I used a light hand and you can see it left behind a light shimmer. This highlighter is really pigmented though, and with a little heavier hand I can easily build this up on my skin tone and wear it as a blush, so it's kind of a 2-in-1 product for lighter skin tones.

Lastly, I have the Nailwear Pro+ nail enamel in Make My Day. It's a bright coral red color with a creme finish. I absolutely love the color of this polish. My only complaint is that when I took it off it had stained my cuticles and the skin around my nails red, which has never happened to me with any other Avon nail polishes before. I used 100% acetone to take it off and it came off eventually but I really did have to work at it to get it completely off my nails.